Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Poems & Paintings by Gil Garcia

New Day
The earth begins to stir with a new morning sun,
Gentle rays settle softly on the moisten foliage throughout the meadow,
that prepare to feed the cottontail, the deer and all its gentle friends.
While the birds, continue their unfinished songs of yesterday.

The Farmer
With good faith he turns his soil, and sews his seeds,
He cultivates his hopes with prayers and faith
for a bountiful season to come.


I shall not have only existed,
For I have collected many memories
of great friends, and great times.
Those memories shall be clear, intact,
and indestructible;
all the years of my life.

 The Little House

It needs shingles and paint,
The vines, trimmed and tied;
But most of all, this little house
needs a family, deep inside.

The Waltons

The music is inviting,
It tells of a story to be told;
A story of a family,
Close-knit, large and bold.

Miss-spoke Apology

Sorry I spoke,
I’ll just slip by the monastery.

For some, a touch of rain may bring
A little freshness to their life,
But for others, it may bring a rainbow.


Run with the wind,
At peace with the earth.

Never stop loving one another