Thursday, November 10, 2016

Autumn Leaves

Knowing that the first signs of Autumn are at hand, anticipation grows within me. 

Soon, leaves of gold, yellow, and red will begin their feathered spiral dance as they release themselves to ride the winds of fall.

Leaves that through nature’s beauty have given to all mankind a silent gift of cleansing the very air we breathe. Leaves that will now begin to mass themselves below the jagged shadows of barren branches. 

They will enhance the soil of the forest floor; laying dormant as their golden warm identities give way to the drab rusty browns and the chill of the winter to come. 

The sporadic rains and downpours are soon to follow, 
giving way to a regal blanket of pure white snow that will absorb all sounds of the valley floor except that of a distant dog or the cawing of a lonely raven. All the other creatures of the forest will shelter quietly in place. 

The aroma of burning logs of nearby cabins will add to the ambiance of the woodland and for those seeking its solitude to renew their souls.

Go with your loved ones and enjoy this wonderment that is meant to be appreciated by those who will allow themselves to be still. Go and listen to the silence of this sacred sanctuary that will cleanse away your anxieties, refresh your souls and build memories of moments shared that will last a lifetime. 

Go prepare yourselves my friends for the Autumn leaves are at hand.n LeavesAutom Leaves