Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tribute to Vincent
Oil painting by Author

To understand how he applied color as thick and rich as he did was my goal.  His clouds were amazing.  So much beauty dripped from his brush; organized colors twisting with the wind.  His methods were so foreign to those great impressionist who new him.

Over eight hundred pieces of art he created, only to die penniless.  How sad he did not receive the recognition he so deserved during his lifetime.  I do believe he enjoys the honors and the respect that is shown to his master pieces today.  I am truly thankful to him for the excitement I feel when I gaze upon his works of art.

                                               Oil painting titled 'Windy Meadow' by Author

Distant Summits

Horizons awakening beyond distant summits.  Hews of colors fill the sky in a generous and bountiful way.The early morning stillness gives way to a gentle breeze that begins the endless journey through meadows, valleys and trees.

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